Inspire yourself to inspire others… With Nutrisystem, all is simple and affordable!

Hi guys, I’m Jonathan. I work at the Dekker PR company, and I have lost thirty pounds in the last four months. This started when my office started keeping some coupons from Nutrisystem at the reception for interested employees. I will tell you about their promo codes after I tell you about the agency’s weight loss journey with Nutrisystem.

Dekker PR Company is a public relations firm which has been in business for the past fifteen years. There are 105 employees in the office and all of us work to serve our clients, who are usually top athletes and movie stars. The company first started the idea of the Nutrisystem deals to help the employees maintain a healthy lifestyle to be a positive impact on our clients. I, frankly, was very skeptical about this. I had been fat my whole life, and setting as an example to our clients about living a healthy lifestyle was something that seemed to be out of reach. After talking to Mr. Dekker, our boss, about this, he suggested I give it a try, especially because it would save me money as well.

Nutrisystem expanding in our office… All thanks to its affordability!

Out of the 105 employees at Dekker PR, now, about 85 employees follow the Nutrisystem program; some follow the entire program, while many follow only a meal or two a day. Whichever plan you choose to follow, Nutrisystem makes you feel like your body is eating healthy and that you’re getting fitter. Keeping aside the fact that Nutrisystem is so amazing, I think the reason why such a huge percentage of employees at the office decided to follow the diet because of its affordability. The maximum it is going to cost you a day is $12. This is almost nothing compared to the cost of fast food.

A plus point to all the employees is that there are coupons in the office itself. There is no need to spend hours searching for Nutrisystem coupons online even though you can find them on (Debra Moorhead). These coupons are really a blessing; a $12 meal plan per day costs only $10 with Nutrisystem. At just $3 or $4, all the employees were having tasty and healthy lunch at the office with the program.

Great Results After Using Nutrisystem

When the codes were first introduced, none of the employees knew very much about the program, yet about 30 people were picking up the discount codes on the very first day. This wasn’t because they had heard of Nutrisystem earlier; this was solely because Nutrisystem meals would cost them so much less than what average fast food would. The already inexpensive program was made so much cheaper with their deals.

In the first month, there were about 50 people who were following the Nutrisystem program. The rest seemed extremely skeptical about the program back then. But all of this changed when in just about three months, everyone started seeing the changes in the ones who were having Nutrisystem meals. Now, in four months, there are 35 more employees interested in the program. And the good news is, there isn’t anyone in the office who can’t afford Nutrisystem; most are even saving money with the Nutrisystem meals.

Great food with balanced nutrition

After paying only a few dollars a day, we expected Nutrisystem meals to be just okay, not tasty or special or anything. But Nutrisystem managed to shock us again! The meals weren’t just okay; they were delicious! I personally, had never felt so good eating healthy, because the meals weren’t full of salads and almonds, it was actually good food. Our menus actually included muffins, cupcakes and granola bars. It’s amazing how these foodstuffs are what you can have six times a day with control portions, and you still get all the balanced nutrients that your body requires. All the meals are said to have low-glycemic carbs, high fiber, high protein, no preservatives, sweeteners, colors or flavors.

Call them up for motivation

All our employees, when they felt like they needed the motivation to continue the meal plan, would call up the Nutrisystem office. There, they have trained weight loss counselors who help remember why we actually started, and how a healthy lifestyle can be so much better if we continue. Also, they would remind about how much money we’re saving. Whatever they would say, at the end of the phone call, quitting the meal plan didn’t even cross our minds!

Here are a few pros and cons our office employees came up with after using Nutrisystem:


  • Affordability
  • Delicious meals
  • Provide motivation through your computer/phone


  • Having to microwave every meal
  • Fast food cravings
  • Difficult to continue in the first month

Now, all our clients stop our employees to ask how we’re getting fitter, and everyone replies with “Nutrisystem.” Mr. Dekker is extremely proud of our progress, and he confidently tells our clients about how it started, and how we’ve all stayed motivated to eat healthy. Some of the employees, including me, were a little overweight, but now, we’re all losing weight. The skinny ones are getting turbo shakes and working out to stay fit. Even outside of work, everyone recommends Nutrisystem to others, giving them discount codes to begin with. If every office could do something as inspiring as our office, America would actually be living a great healthy lifestyle!